FOAMSHIP Guidebook

FOAMSHIP Guidebook


FOAMSHIP is an introspective and transformational approach that can help you to visualize and reshape your future. Increasing and developing your capabilities will enhance your readiness for the next chapter of your life, and FOAMSHIP can help you to become better prepared, more competitive, more confident, and more successful. 


The FOAMSHIP approach can be applied to large corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures; and it can even be beneficial to apply it to your personal life. You have the ability to be the captain of your own destiny and the FOAMSHIP Guidebook is here to help in guiding you towards success. Because you deserve the opportunity to improve yourself. 



What People Are Saying

“I was interested in reading FOAMSHIP because I have seen David, one of the writers of this book, build his company into a successful and well-respected company in the Federal arena.  I often wondered how he did it with such ease when I have seen so many others fail. The book with the strange title, FOAMSHIP, would give me several insights as to how David manages to keep his company growing, and keep his team together year after year.  I wanted to see what I could apply to my smaller company.  FOAMSHIP is titled this way for a reason. David has run his company like a captain navigates a ship at sea.

Like a captain navigates a ship at sea

This book covers Finance, Operations, Admin, and Marketing- these are the four words that comprise the FOAM in the title. The second part of the book-SHIP is from Souls, Heading, Innovation, Passage.  As a business owner I get too focused on Finance or on Administration and I have learned that I need to focus on these other areas, or my company will really struggle. But how do I do this? 

The Key Performance Indicators are one tool that I need to build upon. Questions are asked of you as you read each chapter and they can be used for discussion points with your team to help you in each area. These are but two tools that are discussed to help you get a better handle on your company. The FOAMSHIP template is my main take away from this book.  FOAMSHIP serves as a chart or roadmap.  This book teaches you more than any business class I have ever taken. I recommend you read it then go back with your planner in hand and write down items you need to work on to make your company better!”

– James Cordova –
President, MARCO Federal Services, LLC